Cobra-Top 3‑way cabinet by Dynacord


3‑way cabinet

  • Passiv 3-Way Compact Line Array Cabinet
  • 4-Driver Low Distortion Mid-Range Line Array
  • Constant Directivity HF Horn
  • Easy Stacking and easy Flying
  • Voice Coil Tracking Protection

Dynacord´s COBRA‑TOP is a 3‑Way cabinet for use in compact line arrays and other demanding applications where wide horizontal coverage, extremely low distortion and a low sensitivity against acoustic feedback are mandatory.


Cabinet MID — HIGH Cabinet
Cabinet type Passive 3-way
Impedance 8 Ω

Rated power RMS 600 W
Program power 1200 W
SPL 1W / 1m 100 dB
Max. SPL 1m 131 dB
Frequency range (-10dB) 50Hz — 15kHz
Disp. Angle 1 kHz -6dB H 120° x V 30°
Disp. Angle 10kHz -6dB H 90° x V 40°
Int. Passive Crossover 700Hz — 4kHz
Rec. Active Crossover 124Hz
Voice coil tracking protection LOW — MID — HIGH
Components HIGH DH 2T / HPT 94
Order No. 355 391 / 357 979
Components MID C8 Line array
Order No. 4x 361 376
Components LOW EVX 155
Order No 359 561
Connectors FR 4-pole 1+/1-
Connectors LO — MID — HIGH 4-pole 2+/2- (SYSTEM)
Connections Speakon 2x NL4 MPR
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 600 x 495 x 717
Shipping weight 65 kg
Weight 60 kg
Cabinet 18mm
Style Birch plywood
Outfit Black
Coating Polyurethane
Steel grille Powder coated
Handles 2 pcs.
Ancra Tracks 4 pcs.
Webbing strap point 2 pcs.
Front cover 1 pcs
Castors 4x 100mm
Warranty 36 Month


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