PRA-ANS - Ambient Noise Sensor by Dynacord


Ambient Noise Sensor

  • Solid housing for surface or flush mounting
  • Omni-directional MEMS microphone for noise level tracking
  • Digital signal processing to adjust frequency response
  • PoE-powered device with Gigabit network interface
  • Up to four sensors can be combined to cover a large zone

ANS (Ambient Noise Sensor) is a configurable ambient noise sensor for the PROMATRIX 9000 system that works with an integrated omni-directional microphone to measure the ambient noise level in a room. In interaction with the system controller, the volume of announcements or background music (AVC, Automatic Volume Control) is automatically regulated. As a result, audio signals are always intelligible above the noise level and output at a comfortable volume.

ANS features full IP connectivity, Power Over Ethernet, a splash-proof housing (IP54) in black and white finish, and a safe operation mode. In case of failure or shutdown of the device, the volume level of the connected amplifier channels is automatically set to the maximum of the allowed range (EN54-16).


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