VL262 W

2‑way fullrange cabinet

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  • 2x 6" Passive 2-Way Fullrange Cabinet, White
  • 300W 8 Ohms
  • Rotatable CAD-optimized 90° x 40° CD Horn
  • DH3 Titanium Diaphragm Driver
  • 2 x Neodymium DND 6130-16 Woofers

Today’s sound reinforcement and public address applications require equipment that guarantee exceptional sound quality for a large variety of different events. Multi-functionality is a must in order to be able to react on-site to varying customer demands. The Dynacord VL262 2-way fullrange cabinet has been optimized acoustically and mechanically for multi-functional applications. With a variety of mounting accessories and decent cosmetics the VL262 is ideally suited to be used in most demanding applications. The VL262 is manufactured from birch plywood and therefore extremely resistant against abuse on the road. The surface is painted with a black 2-component paint that can easily be renovated if sometimes necessary. For the low frequencies and mid frequencies two ultra-low distortion DND 6130-16 Neodymium transducers are used. High frequencies are radiated from a rotatable HPT94 constant directivity horn equipped with an Electro-Voice DH3 driver. Linear-Phase FIR factory presets for the IRIS-Net RCM module and factory presets for regular digital speaker controllers. EASE and Ulysses data allow fast and precise simulations.

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