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Hornloaded system package

XA2-PRO is a complete plug and play system for applications that require Hi-SPL output, flexibility in set-up and easy set-up and transportation. The XA2-PRO system is combines the advantages of the previous XA2 with a new, fresh look due to a heavy-duty structured lacquer surface and new solid-steel front grilles.

To obtain the highest possible on-axis sound pressure levels, the XA-2 PRO features a complete horn-loaded system design. Typical Top-40 gigs, open air events in the cities and mobile DJ applications requiring up to 1000 m2 of coverage and 40 meter throws are the ideal applications.

High-quality neodymium components combined with new Constant Q horns and patented planar waveguide bass horns deliver maximum sound pressure and outstanding audio performance. The L3600FD power amplifiers with their integrated FIR-Drive DSP are capable of driving a very wide range of rig configurations with absolute reliability and simplicity. With VCTP (Voice-Coil-Tracking-Protection) safety circuits in the cabinets allow the widest possible dynamic range combined with the highest degree of security.

Simple transportation, fast setting-up times and easy cabling are just some of the important practical advantages of the XA2-PRO systems. The components of the Xa-2 can be quickly and easily configured to cover a wide range of different sound reinforcement applications in various venues: if higher sub levels are needed for an open air DJ event, just add another sub on each side! If the brass band in the beer tent wants ultra-wide coverage but less bass, just use one sub and two angled tops per side! And if a Top-40 band suddenly finds itself playing to an audience of 4000, the same system amp can drive three subs and two tops per side without even breaking sweat!

The “standard” XA2-PRO system contains 2 FX12-PRO mid/hi cabinets, 4 FX20-PRO subwoofers and 2 L3600FD amplifiers. The Multi Amplifier Remote Control (MARC) software allows to control and supervise the system from FOH with additional graphic and parametric EQs


Medium longthrow mid/high‑ frequency cabinet in coaxial design

Planar wave guide basshorn


Name Language Size Date
Dynacord Elektronik Katalog DE 3.92MB Feb 5, 2020
Name Language Size Date
DC-FX12-Pro EC Declaration of Conformity EN 9.74MB Jan 31, 2020
DC-FX20-Pro EC Declaration of Conformity EN 9.95MB Jan 31, 2020
Fx 12, EC Declaration of Conformity EN 562KB Nov 13, 2019
Fx 20, EC Declaration of Conformity EN 561KB Nov 13, 2019
Name Size Date
FX12 ZIP 344KB May 5, 2011
FX12-PRO DXF 3.66MB Jun 7, 2018
FX20 ZIP 429KB May 5, 2011
FX20-PRO DXF 5.3MB Jun 7, 2018
Name Language Size Date
FX12-PRO Engineering Data Sheet EN 700KB Aug 6, 2015
FX20-PRO Engineering Data Sheet EN 747KB Aug 6, 2015
Name Size Date
FX12 persp left 3.3MB Aug 5, 2015

FX12 persp right

FX20 persp right

fx20 picture1

FX12 front

FX12 persp front

FX12 persp left

fx12 picture1

FX12 rear

FX20 front

FX20 persp front

FX20 persp left

FX20 persp right

FX20 rear

Name Language Size Date
EMEA BT Service Policies EN 193KB Apr 8, 2019
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Service Policies for Asia/Pacific Rim EN 2.62MB Sep 4, 2018
Service Policies for China EN 229KB Apr 25, 2013
Service Policies for Europe, the Middle East, & Africa EN 234KB Feb 10, 2015
Service Policies for North America EN 279KB Mar 26, 2019
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
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