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Integrated software platform for remote controllable devices & systems

  • Full system integration
  • Complete system monitoring and supervision
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Interface control and user access permissions
  • The configuration of the amplifiers includes the loading of factory speaker settings, including FIR-Drive settings with TEMP limiters.
  • IRIS-Net supports Ethernet, CobraNet, CAN bus and USB as well as OMNEO, Dante and AES70 (OCA), and is open for future standards.

IRIS Net- short for “Intelligent Remote and Integrated Supervision Network” - allows complete audio systems with a multitude of similar or different devices to be configured, supervised and controlled centrally from a single user interface. Applications range from sound systems used at live events to complex installations in arenas, stadiums, cruise ships, or houses of worship, with the unique capability of combining Pro Sound and Public Address applications in a common system.

IRIS Net supports Ethernet, CobraNet, CAN bus and USB as well as OMNEO, Dante and AES70 (OCA), and is open for future standards.

IRIS-Net allows to create a sound system with comprehensive supervision of power amplifiers and loudspeakers including their cables and interfaces. System statuses are being polled permanently with instant error detection, reporting and event logging, providing piece of mind during operation and immediate, detailed diagnostics in case of any unexpected instance.

Fully customizable user panels combined with user access control provide the dedicated set of system remote control and supervision for a wide variety of users over a wide variety of applications, from most experienced sound system engineers operating a large live sound rig to simplified recalls and indication for non-technical operators.

IRIS Net is used globally in thousands of audio installations and systems, providing a sound system management solution every day.

Intelligent Remote and Integrated Supervision – IRIS-Net

Now 4.0 supporting new IPX and TGX amplifiers


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Dynacord Amplifiers, Digital Audio Matrices, Software & Mixers Catalog EN 3.8MB Jun 27, 2019
Dynacord Elektronik Katalog DE 3.92MB Feb 5, 2020
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IRIS-Net 4.0.0 EXE 405.22MB Sep 3, 2018
IRIS-Net ReadMe PDF 241KB Sep 3, 2018
IRIS TPI V1.7.1 (software for touchpanel) ZIP 7.42MB Sep 16, 2008
IRIS-Net IIR-Speaker-Settings V1.1 ZIP 1.38MB Dec 1, 2009
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IRIS-Net Project Generator User Guide EN 12.45MB Aug 29, 2017
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OMNEO Firmware Upload Tool 32-Bit MSI 14.85MB Feb 19, 2015
OMNEO Firmware Upload Tool 64-Bit MSI 16.07MB Feb 19, 2015
PMX-MM-2 EVAC Audio Files ZIP 15.05MB Jan 14, 2014








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