Derived from the iconic PowerMate, Dynacord’s compact mixing system consoles present the peak in their segment by virtue of audio quality, components and features. By integrating a high-quality analog mixer with finest digital 24/48-bit studio grade effect processors, the CMS series represent the preferred solution for a large number of demanding professional audio applications. Offering all the level of quality, the larger CMS 1000, 1600 and 2200 offer the full feature set, while the CMS 600 has been optimized for size.

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Powered-mixer family with 3 models, 10 to 22 input channels, integrated digital effect units, stereo graphic equalizer and class-h power-amplifiers for professional sound reinforcement in live applications and also in fixed install

With its powermate mixers, Dynacord has seized pole position in this segment of the market by virtue of the quality of its sound, components and features. Designed for a wide variety of applications there’s a choice between the very compact PowerMate 600 and the larger PowerMate 1000, 1600 and 2200. All PowerMates feature the same powerful, but lightweight 2 x 1250 W Class-D amplifier fulfilling the highest audiophile demands.

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