SONICUE - Sound system software by Dynacord


Sound system software

  • New, smooth way of working with new Dynacord devices in OCA (AES70) controlled sound systems
  • Intuitive, guided workflow to design, control, and supervise small to large sound systems
  • Integrated system visibility and direct access – see parameters system wide in “speaker view” and edit if required
  • Dedicated interaction design with time-saving fly-out interaction
  • Design of standalone, customized applications with functions and controls for PC and TPC-1 touch panel controller
  • Powerful system logic added that allows easy creation of advanced tasks without coding skills

SONICUE is a system-focused software, designed to solve the real world challenges of sound engineers for whom time is always of the essence.

SONICUE Releases:

1.2 Support for MXE5 matrix mix engine. Adding system logic (GPIOs and virtual commands) for MXE and IPX, customized applications with user controls for PC operators and TPC-1 touch panel controller (with 24-channel zone mixer overlay).

1.1 Supports Dynacord L- and C- Series amplifiers with upgraded DSP functionality

1.0 Initial release supporting Dynacord’s TGX, IPX series amplifiers as well as amplifiers equipped with RCM-28 module

SONICUE's new user interaction design ensures operators have direct access to every sound system parameter, even directly from the loudspeakers. A unique multi-stage flyout concept makes it easy to retrieve the perfect overview and make adjustments while monitoring other parameters without the need to close menus. Frequently used functions can be pinned either temporarily or permanently.

The system logic in SONICUE allows complex system functions for control, monitoring and supervision without programming knowledge. Custom user controls allow the system designer to provide customized control elements for the end user. User control panels run independently in the “SONICUE viewer app” on desktop PCs and the new TPC-1 touch panel controller, which can be access controlled.

SONICUE is a system-based solution, which can be immediately understood by users at every level, helping them get the job done no matter how simple or complex it may be.



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