Public address & EN54 voice evacuation system

BEST-IN-CLASS Thanks to its powerful range of features, PROMATRIX 6000 not only answers an extremely wide variety of application requirements, it also delivers best-in-class performance in quality, ease of installation and versatility. At the same time it minimizes operational costs thanks to low energy consumption and fewer batteries.


Equipped with the optional Dante network interface module (OM-1), it is possible to create a 16-channel Dante audio network between the controllers.

In addition, the audio network path provides redundant channels for safety purposes – in case of an emergency these channels will always work for evacuation signals, even if a controller fails data communication.


The system can accept architecture changes at any stage during installation and provide a wide range of announcement/music combinations. With PROMATRIX 6000, specifying a complete system is remarkably quick and simple – just a few parameters are needed to design a system. This means that consultants can serve more clients and substantially increase turnover.


PROMATRIX 6000 offers both “Basic” and “Expert” configuration modes. The basic configuration is a wizard which provides a step-by-step configuration guide. Using this wizard, a basic system can be programmed within 30 minutes versus conventional systems that can take hours or days. The expert mode is based on the powerful IRIS-Net software which provides almost unlimited system design flexibility, perfect for optimizing configurations in more complex applications.


PROMATRIX 6000 is the result of industry-leading knowledge in professional sound, and includes technologies developed for the Dynacord range of professional sound reinforcement audio products, with very high performance as a result. For example, the controller handles signals with a 106 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio. This means that building owners can offer high-quality music for their occupants as well as provide a Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with excellent speech intelligibility.


Omneo / dante module


Name Language Size Date
Om-1 A&E Specification EN 42KB Nov 24, 2020
Name Language Size Date
Dynacord Elektronik Katalog DE 3.92MB Feb 5, 2020
Name Language Size Date
OM1 Declaration of Conformity EN 8.31MB Mar 26, 2018
ProMatrix 6000 Declaration of Performance EN 497KB Dec 3, 2019
Name Language Size Date
OM-1 Engineering Data Sheet EN 553KB Apr 28, 2020
OM-1 Datenblatt DE 554KB Apr 28, 2020
Name Language Size Date
OM-1 Firmware EN 5.47MB Jul 17, 2019
Name Size Date
IRIS-Net Configuration Manual EN PDF 21.87MB Mar 23, 2021
IRIS-Net Configuration Manual DE PDF 22.13MB Mar 23, 2021
Name Language Size Date
OM-1 Manual EN 316KB Jul 17, 2019
ProMatrix Service Handbook DE 1.95MB Nov 6, 2018
Name Language Size Date
PROMATRIX 6000 Line Supervision EN 1.25MB Dec 22, 2020


Name Language Size Date
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Service Policies for Asia/Pacific Rim EN 2.62MB Sep 4, 2018
Service Policies for China EN 229KB Apr 25, 2013
Warranty conditions for Dynacord products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa EN 195KB Sep 29, 2020
Warranty conditions for Dynacord products in North America EN 159KB Sep 14, 2020
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Warranty conditions for Dynacord products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa DE 515KB Jun 19, 2019
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