PRA-APAL/PRA-APAS - Advanced Public Address Server and License by Dynacord


Advanced Public Address Server and License

  • Advanced Public Address Licence (APAL)
  • Comfort features for announcements, messages, Text-to-Speech, internet radio, music and automation of scheduled events
  • Support for PCs and tablets
  • Configuration of user group profiles and access right
  • Each connected device requires a software license
  • Advanced Public Address Server (APAS)
  • Server for the APAL software license
  • Interface for PCs and tablet devices to the PROMATRIX 9000 IP network
  • IP networking to existing local area networks (LANs)
  • Secure internet connection to building LAN, internet radio, online music streaming and Text-to-Speech service
  • Internal storage for message libraries and music playlists

The Advanced Public Address Software License (APAL) and the Advanced Public Address Server (APAS) provide a powerful software and hardware package for paging and background music in combination with a PROMATRIX 9000 system. Comfort features and an intuitive user interface allow receptionists and facility managers to perform their daily tasks of informing and entertaining customers and visitors in a professional way.

Making announcements, selecting recordings or adjusting volume levels in different areas of the building was never easier and more intuitive. The user can record messages freely, pre-listen to them, and display text templates from the message library to assist with the correct wording. A status bar always informs about each step of the workflow. The graphical user interface runs on PCs, tablets and has been optimized for use on a 10-inch tablet with touch panel. The software/hardware package supports music streaming services and Text-to-Speech, which converts text into lifelike speech at the touch of a button. A scheduler function allows for convenient automation of timed paging and music playback. In addition, the APAL software allows the system administrator to create user profiles with different authorization levels and assign individual functions.


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