Matrix mix engine

  • The MXE5 benefits from advanced DSP, providing outstanding audio quality. This is ensured by a sampling rate of 96 kHz, more than 118dB of dynamic range and the industry’s lowest audio latency of less than 0.22 ms.
  • The MXE5 is designed for consultants, production companies, specifiers and system integrators who demand the highest-quality audio and uncompromising live performance sound.
  • The MXE5 integrates completely with Dynacord’s SONICUE sound system software, one of the most powerful software interfaces in the industry, offering comprehensive control and easy, intuitive operation. MXE5 also has a plug in that allows integration into Q-SYS systems for expanded control and monitoring.
  • The MXE5 offers a variety of functions beyond being a powerful crosspoint matrix; it also works as both a system manager and an OCA controller with complete monitoring and supervision abilities.

The MXE5 is the first member of the MXE matrix mix engine series. The 24 x 24 crosspoint performance audio matrix offers both routing and mixing functionalities, with 12 analog mic/line inputs and eight line outputs. At the same time, the MXE5 serves as a communications hub for all IP-based peripherals and provides comprehensive supervision of all system-wide commands.


Matrix size 24 x 24
Sampling rate 48 kHz /96 kHz
Dante in/out 24/24

Analog inputs 12 mic/line
Analog outputs 8
Max. input/output level + 22 dBu
Signal to noise ratio (inputs/outputs) > 118 dB
Signal processing 32/40-bit floating point
THD+N < 0.002 %
Latency (analog in/out, 48 kHz / 96 kHz) < 0.45 ms / < 0.22 ms
Control ports 8 GPIO
Dimensions (w x h x d) 483 x 43.5 x 471 mm (19", 1 RU)
Weight 6.0 kg (13.2 lbs)


Name Language Size Date
MXE5 A&E specifications EN 36KB 06.08.2020
Name Language Size Date
Retail catalog EMEA EN 59.07MB 11.10.2020
Retail catalog EMEA DE 29.85MB 11.10.2020
Name Language Size Date
MXE5 EC Declaration of Conformity EN 264KB 11.05.2020
Name Size Date
MXE5 Drawing DWG 339KB 10.30.2020
Name Language Size Date
MXE5 Engineering Data Sheet EN 679KB 09.21.2020
Name Language Size Date
MXE5 flyer EN 393KB 06.08.2020
MXE5 Flyer DE 413KB 07.30.2020
Name Language Size Date
MXE5 Installation manual EN 2.4MB 09.21.2020
MXE5 Installation manual DE 2.4MB 09.21.2020
MXE5 Installation manual ES 2.4MB 09.21.2020
MXE5 Installation manual KO 2.46MB 09.21.2020
MXE5 Installation manual PL 2.41MB 09.21.2020
Name Language Size Date
Application Note MXE with RDL Control v1.1 EN 832KB 10.02.2020
Application Note MXE with RDL Dante EN 1.25MB 11.25.2020

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