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  • Two playback channels per module
  • Up to 100 messages in CD quality with a total length of 85 minutes
  • Two modules can be used per DPM 8016 – up to 4 simultaneous playback channels possible
  • Integrated supervision
  • Configuration via IRIS-Net, tool for swapping business messages in Online mode

The PMX-MM-2 Message Manager is a fully integrated dual-channel message manager module, designed for the PROMATRIX 8000 system. The message manager is for EVAC messages and alarm signals, as well as commercial messages and chime/pre-chime signals. Up to two modules can be used per DPM 8016. That means that four audio signals can be played simultaneously, for example four messages can be used for a phased evacuation. The PMX-MM-2 allows easy configuration of EVAC and commercial messages, and other customized audio signals by using the IRISNet software. A software tool for swapping commercial messages by customers is available, also. Details on functions and features can be found in the corresponding IRIS-Net Help documentation.


Frequency response 20–20000 Hz (-0.5 dB)
Stored message 16 bit, uncompressed
Message playback 24 bit

Sample rate 48 kHz                                                                           
Supply current
• Standby/Idle 25 mA
• Announcement/Alarm 30 mA
Operating temperature -5 to +45 °C
Electromagnetic environment E1, E2, E3
Product dimensions (Width ✕Height ✕ Depth) 81.8 ✕ 27.3 ✕ 189.3 mm
Net weight 85 g

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