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Digital audio matrices

Dynacord audio matrices are equipped with the most advanced DSP, offering comprehensive supervision and system control. Designed for fixed installation and live sound applications, Dynacord audio matrices support networked, IP-based processing and Dante audio. Dynacord’s applied technologies ensure superior sound quality with ultra-low latency for a flawless, uninterrupted audio performance – even under most demanding conditions.



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MXE5 A&E specifications EN 36KB Jun 8, 2020
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MXE5 Engineering Data Sheet EN 751KB Jun 9, 2020
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MXE5 flyer EN 393KB Jun 8, 2020

Dynacord MXE5 -detail logo to display

Dynacord MXE5 -Hero L

Dynacord MXE5 -Hero R

Dynacord MXE5 detail product name

Dynacord MXE5 front

Dynacord MXE5 rear

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