V Series

Go compact, amplify smart

  • Four-channel and two-channel amplifiers, with a total powerTANK capacity of 600 W
  • Variable Load Drive (VLD) providing the same power into 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 70 V or 100 V
  • ecoRAIL and APD deliver significant reduction in power consumption
  • dualCOOL convection cooling with additional intelligent fan in case of extreme thermal conditions

Designed with commercial applications in mind, V Series models are ideal for small to mid-sized installation scenarios. These compact amplifiers are not only designed for background music and announcements – they also excel when higher SPL levels are needed. Equipped with a range of cutting-edge Dynacord technologies to ensure flawless, silent operation and energy-saving, flexible power consumption, the V Series features two- and four-channel versions with different footprints that make them perfectly suited for a variety of installations.

Dynacord powerTANK technology adds even more installation flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, V Series can deliver asymmetric power across all channels as needed. There is no waste of energy, which allows great flexibility – especially when driving multiple audio zones with different loads. For example, a single V600:4 can simultaneously serve as system drive for the compact loudspeakers in a small zone (such as a kitchen area) as well as for larger loudspeakers (such as in an auditorium). Contributing to the ease of installation, this feature does not require any special configuration skills – powerTANK engages automatically. In conjunction with a DSP matrix – such as the Dynacord MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine – V Series amplifiers can also be specified for larger distributed installations working as a distribution amplifier for smaller zones.






Total rated output power1 600 W
Number of channels 2 4
Rated output power1 2 x 300 W 4 x 150 W
Output power: 4 Ω / 8 Ω / 70 V / 100 V
Maximum output power per channel (power sharing) 500 W / 600 W / 500 W / 600 W
4 Ω / 8 Ω / 70 V / 100 V
Nominal Gain
(+6 dBu input sensitivity, LEVEL 0 dB)
27.0 dB / 30.0 dB / 33.2 dB / 36.2 dB 24.0 dB / 27.0 dB / 33.2 dB / 36.2 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
(A‑weighted, ref. to rated output power, LEVEL 0 dB)
> -100 dB / > 102 dB / > 101 dB / > 103 dB > -98 dB / > 100 dB / > 101 dB / > 103 dB
< 0.1 %
Type 1 x 6-pin Euroblock, 3.81 mm, male,
parallel 1x RJ45 (AES72-1E)
2 x 6-pin Euroblock, 3.81 mm, male,
parallel 1x RJ45 (AES72-1E)
Loudspeaker output 2 x 4-pin Euroblock, 5.08 mm, female
Control port type 1 x 5-pin Euroblock, 3.81 mm, male
Signal processing Input Routing, Filter (24 dB/Oct.), Hi-pass 30/50/100/150 Hz, Lo-pass 150 Hz, Peak Limiter
Power requirements 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz AC
Power consumption:
Idle mode (ecoRAIL with no input signal) < 12 W < 20 W
Consumption at 1/8 rated output power 115 W
Standby mode (APD active) < 1 W
Protections Audio limiters, high temperature, DC, HF, short circuit, back-EMF, peak current limiters, inrush current limiters, mains over/under voltage protection
1 Test signal for max. output power according IHF-A-202 (Dynamic-Headroom, burst 1 kHz / 20 ms on / 480 ms off / low level -20 dB)


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